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We have been fans of this band for their bold, strange and noisy hard rock offerings. Caustic’s latest is simultaneously their most serious, and yet their most silly, their most ambitious and yet their most care-free. A decade into their band’s career, and it would appear they are perfectly content cranking their lazer beam of individuality to 11 and shooting their sludgy, noisy, proggy, alt energy directly into the listener’s ears. CC is not the kind of band you can describe in a couple sentences (which is what I admire about them), so I definitely recommend to check it out if you’d like your rock to be energetic and unique.

Taken from a review of “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center”.

Doom Charts

“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” at #28, Doom Charts Top 100 albums of the year.

Taken from the overall Top 100 of 2022 at Doom Charts, an aggregate of all contributors’ votes.

Doom Charts

“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” at #6, Ioannis Valiakos’ Top 20 albums of 2022.

Taken from Ioannis Valiakos’ Top 20 albums of the year list for Doom Charts.

Doom Charts

“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” at #12, Rich Piva’s Top 20 albums of the year at Doom Charts.

Taken from Rich Piva’s Top 20 Albums of the Year for Doom Charts.

Doom Charts

“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” at #11, Ben Bellum’s Top 20 albums of 2022 for Doom Charts.

Taken from Ben Bellum’s Top 20 Albums of 2022.

Prog Tracks KPTZ Radio Port Townsend

I’ve saved a bit of time at the end of the show because I wanted to play an epic tune for you, that could hold the title of most creative epic of the year. It’s from Washington DC’s Caustic Casanova’s “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” album and it’s entitled “Bull Moose Against the Sky.” The song chronicles the personal and political life of Theodore Roosevelt. And it’s a 23 minute ride into history that also draws some parallels along the way with current times. The lyrics are on the band’s bandcamp page if you’d like to follow along.

Taken from the “Best of 2022” episode of Prog Tracks, on and on KPTZ Radio Port Townsend, hosted by Mike Pollack.

The Grape Vinyl

Caustic Casanova are not the kind of hard rock band that can be explained in a couple of sentences, their sound is something you really have to explore for yourself! It’s creative, energetic, unpredictable fun & the quality is always consistent.

Taken from an instagram review of “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center.”

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9. Caustic Casanova | Glass Enclosed Nerve Center (Magnetic Eye Records)

Here to make sure we don’t forget to have fun with music, Caustic Casanova gives us an ecstatic prog party of a new record. These folks have impressive musical chops that they never take too seriously, resulting in thrillingly layered tracks cranked out with more beaming smile than smirk. Tucked within the mille-feuille are hints of fundamental greats such as Yes, King Crimson, Thin Lizzy, and Rush, with imaginative guitar work specifically conjuring Larry LaLonde and Adrian Belew, all laced together with a unique metal bite. They maintain their trademark vocal style of foreboding Greek chorus – “Thought police / nobody knows who you are / Thought police / everyone knows who you are / Thought police / nobody knows who they are /Thought police / everyone knows where you are” – with some exciting new touches, including a little 8-bit magic in “Shrouded Coconut.”

Taken from “Top 10 Releases from Artists I Already Knew I Loved in 2022” by Courtney Dowdall.

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Honorable Mention for “Glass Enclosed Nerve Center”, Top 20 Albums of The Year, Best of 2022 Year-End Poll Results

Taken from an article on The Obelisk’s Year-End Poll results by JJ Koczan.

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“Glass Enclosed Nerve Center” at #44, Readers’ Poll for Top 100 albums of the year.

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