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Earthless schärfen mit schepperndem Schlagzeug und Garage-Punk-Attitüde das schmissige Hitpotential von Never Say Die, richtig Laune macht nach dem Wechselgesang von Caustic Casanova in Wicked World die eingestreute Blastbeat-Hatz.

Taken from a review of Magnetic Eye Records’ “Best of Black Sabbath Redux” album

New York Music Daily

Likewise, Caustic Casanova‘s version of Wicked World is musically spot-on: they absolutely nail the long jam that quickly goes doublespeed, then quadruplespeed. The B-52s vocals are, um, original.

Taken from a review of Magnetic Eye Records’ “Best of Black Sabbath Redux” album.


Caustic Casanova and Black Electric follow in these footsteps by keeping the original sound fairly straightforward, with obvious exceptions. The searing electric guitar leads on Caustic Casanova’s rendition of “Wicked World” bring about a sense of technical prowess and virtuosity that was always hinted at by Sabbath, but never fully acknowledged.

Taken from a review of Magnetic Eye Records’ “Best of Black Sabbath Redux” Album by Victor Nica.


Der Sampler deckt ausschließlich die Phase der Briten mit Ozzy Osbourne am Mikrofon ab und wirkt mit 15 Tracks aufregender als das komplett von verschiedenen Gruppen gecoverte Album “Vol. 4”, das zeitgleich erscheint. Gleich die Jam-Rocker EARTHLESS verdutzen mit einem – für sie ungewöhnlich – kein bisschen in die Länge gezogenen ‘Never Say Die’, bevor CAUSTIC CASANOVA mit einer zu braven Interpretation von ‘Wicked World’ hinter ihren unberechenbaren eigenen Kompositionen zurückbleiben, auch wenn der gemischtgeschlechtliche Wechselgesang als charakteristisches Merkmal erhalten bleibt.

Taken from a review of Magnetic Eye Records’ “Best of Black Sabbath Redux” Album by Andreas Schiffmann.

My Vinyl Offering

Interviews with Jake Kimberley, Andrew Yonki and Francis Beringer about their record collections.

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“Best Rock Album went to Caustic Casanova for their album ‘God How I Envy the Deaf,’ a really solid project.”

Taken from an article about 2020 Wammie Winners in WTOP News.

The Musicianship

Caustic Casanova won two 2020 Wammies (Washington Area Music Awards). One for Best Hard Rock Album (God How I Envy The Deaf) and one for Best Hard Rock Song (Filth Castle).

Complete list of 2020 Wammie Winners HERE.

The Grape Vinyl

Artist: Caustic Casanova

EP: Pantheon: Vol. 3

Label: Mad Love Records

Vinyl Share: I could listen to the instrumental opener, “Clown Butter” on this one daily. Our unparalleled protagonists Caustic Casanova pressed Vol. 3 of their Pantheon Series on banana yellow wax. The Pantheon series has the band doling out some rad originals before covering one of the greats, and in this case, Weedeater’s “God Luck And Good Speed” was the cover of choice, gracing the record’s B side. The A side on this one absolutely slays too. If you enjoy this one, you must check their latest record, “God How I Envy The Deaf” via Magnetic Eye Records.

Taken from an instagram review of Pantheon: Vol. 3 (2018).

The Grape Vinyl

Artist: Caustic Casanova

7”:  Pantheon: Vol. 2

Label: Mad Love Records

Vinyl Share: Pantheon: Vol. 2, in which our heroes Caustic Casanova perform an original before covering an epic jam from an amazing band. In this instance, they chose Melvins track “Cow”, from Bullhead (Hence, the album art). The A Side is a real rocker, and the cover was pulled-off expertly!

Taken from an instagram review of Pantheon: Vol. 2 (2017).

The Grape Vinyl

Artist: Caustic Casanova

Album: Someday You Will Be Proven Correct

Label: Mad Love Records

Vinyl Share: Eclectic progressive rock, with some carefree post punk attitude, guided by delightfully playful song writing ideas. By far, this is our most youthful sounding Caustic Casanova release, and it is really interesting to play this one alongside their latest release, “God How I Envy The Deaf”.
The more direct rock vibes I am getting from this album are less present on the newer material. The band’s quirk definitely shines through on some cuts though, my personal favourite being “Penmanship”.

Taken from an instagram review of Someday You Will Be Proven Correct (2012).

The Obelisk

“Days of Rona” interview with Stefanie Zaenker.

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Independent Clauses

Memory King” – Caustic Casanova. Back in the day, we would have called the first 3:50 of this tune post-hardcore or maybe emo; it’s dark and brooding but not especially heavy. It deals more in threatening vibe than actual thunder. They add in the guitar thunder after that though, and it’s a hard-rock or metal track, but without abrasive vocals. The surprisingly calm vocals stand in stark contrast to the guitar volume and overall big hammer. It’s a real great track.

Taken from a song review of “Memory King.”

Ghost Cult Magazine

Lengthy interview with CC at The Magnetic Eye Records Day of Doom Festival.

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The Arts STL

Caustic Casanova @ The Sink Hole | August 14
Must. Bring. Earplugs. The epic sound of this three-piece from DC ricocheted off the cement-lined space surrounding the floor-stage, burning holes into ear drums and quaking sternums throughout the room. New material nodded humbly to Black Sabbath and King Crimson, two of the most holy and defining sounds still influencing music today.

Taken from The Top Shows of 2019 in St. Louis by Courtney Dowdall