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Portuguese language interview with Stefanie.

Interview by Ingrid Natalie HERE.

All About The Rock

Interview with Stefanie and Francis about their pets and their music.

Interview HERE.

Kobzr Magazine

Es ist ihre ganz eigene Mischung die in den Bann zieht. Krachende Gitarrenwände überragen den Hörer. Die treibende Rhythmusgruppe kickt das musikalische Schwergewicht nach vorne. CAUSTIC CASANOVAs Sound ist dreckig, ungeschliffen und doch mächtig. Der rauhe Sound verkommt hier nicht zum Selbstzweck, sondern ist eine Charakteristik der Musik, welche die Intensivität der Songs ausmacht. Ganz besonders deutlich macht dies diese Live EP aus, die in der Livewire Lounge, Chicago aufgenommen wurde. Das zunächst uneingängige Material offenbart nach mehreren Durchläufen immer wieder geniale Melodien. Hier sind einfach Musiker am Werk, die ihrer Vision folgen und sich auf musikalischem Höchstniveau bewegen, zumindest bezüglich des Metal Genre. CAUSTIC CASANOVA haben hier ein hervorragendes Stück Musik kreiert, dass hart, melodiös, brachial, komplex und anspruchsvoll  zugleich ist und welches ich jedem “über-den-Tellerrand”-Hörer wärmstens empfehlen kann.

Taken from a review of Lïve Läugh Löve Malört by Thomas Müller.

Noob Heavy

Caustic Casanova – God How I Envy The Deaf

I discovered Caustic Casanova, a promising band from Washington, D.C. and their album God How I Envy The Deaf in a Bandcamp music sharing themed Facebook group. It was a love-at-first-”sight” experience, the first song “Fancy English” made me stay for more.

What I like in this band the most is that they operate with both male and female vocals which sound great together. The 2019 album is the peak of their songwriting so far, with intriguing riffs and song structures, tempo and rhythmic switches (sometimes sludgy, sometimes punk-rock-esque), and tasteful vocal melodies. This is an album full of great ideas and wonderful moments. While you’re listening to it, your neurons are constantly stimulated.

My personal favorite is “Filth Castle” (besides “Fancy English”), where the points regarding the band’s composition skills are clearly observable. The live version of the song is available on the EP Lïve Läugh Löve Malört (released in December 2020), and it’s as tight as the one on the album.

Taken from a review of God How I Envy The Deaf by Balázs ‘Söpi’ Söptei.

The Obelisk

Someday, maybe, you and me and everyone else will get to see Caustic Casanova again, and as far as I’m concerned, that would be just splendid. As it stands, a quizzically titled, bootleg-style live EP, Lïve Läugh Löve Malört, will have to hold the line. It’s got three songs, two of which come from 2019’s God How I Envy the Deaf (review here), which wasn’t out yet when [Lïve Läugh Löve Malört] was recorded, and it’s name your price now on their Bandcamp.

And if you’re wondering about the artwork. It’s the classic logo of Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox, and Lïve Läugh Löve Malört was recorded in Chicago, presumably on the appropriate side of town. That or the White Sox just have a cooler logo than the Cubs. Which is true. In any case, they have a magnet to match that’s $5 and I think would look just dandy on my fridge. Easily worth the investment.

From the PR wire:

Heavy rockers CAUSTIC CASANOVA have unleashed a new live EP called Lïve Läugh Löve Malört. The 3 song EP was recorded at Livewire Lounge, Chicago on April 14 2018.


Bassist/Vocalist Francis Beringer commented “Lïve Läugh Löve Malört is a raw soundboard recording from back in April 2018 at LiveWire Lounge in Chicago. That night on tour was everything we miss about live music – a packed house, enthusiastic fans, a welcoming venue and a stacked bill. We hope people will listen and get transported back to the sweaty, sticky, drunken front row at their favorite rock n roll dive when they put this on. As for the title, everyone knows – after a great set in Chicago, shots of the harsh yet delicious Swedish liquor Malört are mandatory.”

Taken from a review of Lïve Läugh Löve Malört by JJ Koczan.