Since forming as teenagers at the College of William & Mary in 2005, heavy rockers Caustic Casanova​ have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Having weathered lineup changes, life threatening injuries and relentless DIY touring, the group’s highly eclectic sound has made them favorites in a crowded scene. Stereo Embers wrote of the Washington, DC based upstarts: “Caustic Casanova is one of the most excitingly innovative bands on the planet…at home in psych, prog, metal, punk, and seemingly every other genre in the galaxy.”

2013 saw the band almost fall apart when drummer/vocalist ​Stefanie Zaenker​ endured serious injuries to her wrists that put her ability to drum in jeopardy. However, Caustic Casanova persevered, and by 2014, Zaenker, alongside bassist/vocalist ​Francis Beringer​ and guitarist Andrew Yonki​ had opened for sludge titans ​Kylesa​ and were signed to their label, Retro Futurist Records, allowing them to take things to the next level. The band toured heavily in support of their critically acclaimed 2015 LP​ ​Breaks​, slugging it out both with Kylesa and on their own. Between 2013 and 2018 they also released a trio of EPs for their ​Pantheon​ series, where they paired original material with classics by Pentagram, the Melvins and Weedeater. This hard work led to a deal with Magnetic Eye Records, who in October 2019 released CC’s latest record God How I Envy The Deaf, which won two Washington Area Music Awards in 2020, for best hard rock album and best hard rock song (“Filth Castle”).

As CC looks to the future, they’re already recording the next album with their longtime producer J. Robbins​ (Jawbox) at Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore. Newly a four piece with the addition of guitarist ​Jake Kimberley​, this relentlessly loud band is excited to see what sonic alchemies their genre mashing and off the wall songwriting will conjure up next. Road hardened rock and roll warriors through and through, Caustic Casanova plan on showcasing their “muscular, riff-roaring, bass-fuzzed blend of metal and hard rock, flavored with doses of noise and stoned psychedelia” (Creative Loafing) all across the world.

Praise for ​God How I Envy The Deaf:

“Few albums will make you as grateful for your hearing as ​God How I Envy the Deaf​…The Washington, DC area quartet’s inventive blend of stoner metal, noise rock, psychedelic, prog, and pretty much whatever else they want is so invigorating, listening to it feels like having ice water dumped over your head.” – ​Metal Sucks

“​God How I Envy The Deaf​ is a stunning album on all levels. There is no other band like them around at this moment in time.” – ​Outlaws of the Sun

“Caustic Casanova sounds like a thousand different bands at different times, and that sound morphing ability is what makes these folks stand apart. Well, that and the fact that the stuff is so, so good.” – ​Aiding and Abetting

Live Praise:

“Imagine the musical intensity of ​Rated R​ paired with the girl-boy harmonies of ​Surfer Rosa​. Neil Peart-inspired drum fills, driving fuzz bass and lilting vocal melodies rumble-tumble forward, like a barreling freight train verging on derailment.” – ​Tucson Weekly

“Caustic Casanova wasted no time in tearing into my skull, with an instrumental sound laden with sludge and abrasive guitar screeching…ironic lyrics along with the near schizophrenic tempo changes, [and] counterpoint moments of odd, trippy psychedelic-infused beauty.” – ​Bucketlist Montreal

“Must. Bring. Earplugs. The epic sound…ricocheted off the cement-lined space surrounding the floor-stage, burning holes into ear drums and quaking sternums throughout the room.” – ​The Arts STL​ (Top Ten Saint Louis Shows of 2019)

Tour History​:

March 2012: US Southern Tour (SXSW)
July-August 2013: US National Tour
October 2014: US Midwest-South Tour
August-September 2015: US Midwest-South Tour (w/ Kylesa)
October-December 2015: North American Tour
March 2016: US Midwest-South Tour (w/ Irata)
July 2016: Canada Tour (w/ Sierra)
July-October 2016: North American Tour
September-October 2017: US National Tour (w/ Irata)
April 2018: US Midwest/Mountain West Tour (Rocky Mountain Riff Fest – Montana)
June 2018: US Southern Tour
August-September 2019: North American Tour (Blackout Cookout Fest – Ohio)
November 2019: US East Coast-Southern Tour (Day of Doom, Backyard on Bell Fests – NYC and Texas)
Other Festival Appearances: Maryland Doom Fest 2018, Rabid Fest 2019 (Ohio), Buddy Fest 2019 (Virginia)

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Francis Beringer – bass/vocals
Stefanie Zaenker – drums/vocals
Andrew Yonki – guitar
Jake Kimberley – guitar

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