August 07, 2020
We are thrilled to say we won two Wammies – that’s Washington Area Music Awards, presented by the Musicianship! We won for Best Hard Rock Album (God How I Envy The Deaf, of course!) and Best Hard Rock Song (“Filth Castle”). This year, obviously, these award ceremonies were done remotely, but you can check out both our winning episodes HERE and HERE. We’re so humbled to win these awards in such an amazing scene with so many talented musicians. Stef went to pick the awards up on Tuesday – official photography coming, stay tuned on social media for the professional documentation of this! See a complete list of winners HERE. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for some initial pics when we brought the awards home!

To celebrate, we’re offering a discount at both our webstores. 20% off with code WAMMIES, for the next 10 days (8/7 through 8/17). This will work with every product at our bandcamp except our new album (controlled by Magnetic Eye Records, not us), but it will work with everything at Big Cartel. Make sure to check our our newest shirt if you haven’t already! It’s going fast (hell, it won a two-month long t-shirt voting contest!). It’s also available in unisex AND women’s sizes, and it’s the only such CC shirt! Same goes for the exciting new development in public health, the CC mask!

We’re hangin’ on best we can, hope you are too!


March 20, 2020
Well, well, well a lot sure has changed in the world since the last time we rapped at ya on the ole official CC site! Society has shut down, and we’re trying to figure out the best way to use this time to our advantage, while navigating the precarious financial situation the worldwide pandemic has thrust upon us. As you may or may not know, Bandcamp is generously waiving their fees today in order to help artists. CC, along with basically every other band you know that tours relentlessly, is taking a massive financial hit with no shows and no tours for the foreseeable future. We, by pure happenstance, had no tours to cancel, but that was simply because of a rigorous schedule that had us on the road for most of July-Thanksgiving of 2019. We have never been an online sales behemoth. We have always relied on live shows to sell the vast majority of our music and merchandise. If ever there was a day for you to help us change that, it’s today. The cherry on top is that our lovely record label, Magnetic Eye Records, is waiving its label share as well today. So anything coming from our bandcamp today, 100% of the funds go to CC. We have changed all our self-released digital downloads to pay what you want. Feel free to grab some free Pantheon or Someday You Will Be Proven Correct downloads if you are so inclined while you add some shirts and hats to your cart. Feel free to use the pay what you want situation as a donation button too if you have the means to help us. Everything we receive goes toward future recordings, future tours and future merchandise. And please patronize all your favorite bands’ bandcamp pages today, I promise you, every single band you know that plays smaller rooms was barely getting by as it was, and any money in this extraordinary time is going to be really helpful.

Stay home, keep your distance, wash your hands, we’ll see you all on the other side of this. Whenever and wherever the next CC show is, it’ll be a party.



February 29, 2020
In case you weren’t aware from our relentless yammering on about them on facebook and instagram, we have two shows this week in the DC area – our first performances of 2020.

The first show is Sunday, March 1st at Cafe 611 in Frederick, MD, a place many of you have gone to see the world famous Maryland Doom Fest. We are playing with two bands that for most metalheads require no introduction – legendary noise-sludge-art-metal pioneers Today Is The Day (who just released a brand new record) and one of the most important bands in the history of stoner and doom music, The Obsessed. If you’re not familiar, check these historic bands out live and catch CC too! You will not be disappointed. Also playing is Galactic Cross, a new project from Dave Sherman (Spirit Caravan, Earthride, Weed is Weed), Marzy Maddox, and Cold Winter Sky. This show is ALL AGES, and tickets are $20. You can get them in advance HERE. RSVP on facebook HERE. Show starts at 6 PM, CC on third at 7:20!

The second show is Wednesday, March 4th at Songbyrd in Adams Morgan in DC – a lovely bar, venue and record shop, if you’re into shopping for some vinyl between sets. This is CC’s first show in Adams Morgan in probably close to a decade, and we’re excited to be back and playing at a venue we’ve never jammed in. This show is upstairs and is free, though there’s a $10 suggested donation for A Deer A Horse, who will be touring from NYC and are straight up amazing – think Sleater-Kinney meets the Melvins just as a starter for sonic reference. Also playing are local garage rock heroes Venray. Show starts at 9, CC on last at 10:30, but don’t miss any of it. RSVP on facebook HERE. The place is small, so you can RSVP to get free tickets HERE, just in case the room is at capacity, this assures you get in. This show is also ALL AGES.

Also we’ll have a limited number of these beautiful posters by artist Jase Harper available at the show for free, first come first served.

These shows will feature the Fran-Stef-Jake trio that toured North America throughout the summer and fall. If you’re local to the Washington area and didn’t see the December Pie Shop show in DC, this will be your introduction to this version of the band, and we’ll be playing some tunes you’ve almost certainly never heard. Be not afraid, children, Andrew is still rockin in the free world, and as soon as we have another opportunity for a killer four piece show and/or tour, we’ll be on it. For now, the flexibility of multiple lineups keeps the CC train moving ever forward, onward, upward and better than ever. Ahoy mates, see ya at these two shows! It’s going to be a really fun couple nights, can’t wait to see you there SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY!


December 21, 2019

Hello there CC fans worldwide – especially any new ones we picked up on our November tour!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday Season so far! We’d just like to make you aware of a fun lil contest we’re having over at our instagram and facebook pages. We’re asking you to match each of the 7 tunings we used on “God How I Envy The Deaf” to their respective songs and submit your entries via instagram or facebook comment. If you don’t have instagram or facebook feel free to email us here with your entry! The rules are thoroughly explained in the facebook (pinned to the top of our facebook page) and instagram posts detailing the contest, so read em over then submit! If you’re correct you’ll win the full CC discography on vinyl or cd OR a $50 prize pack from the CC store! Contest remains open until Christmas eve!

And please don’t foget you can purchase our new album God How I Envy The Deaf HERE! It’s been getting plenty of press – and has appeared in several best of the year lists already! All of that press is linked and re-printed HERE on our press page, so go take a look!

2019: CC’s Biggest and Best Year Yet!

December 17, 2019

2019 was one for the books! We’re up a record contract (Magnetic Eye Records), a new record (God How I Envy The Deaf, released Oct.18th, 2019), a new guitar player (Jake Kimberley), a Black Sabbath cover for the Magnetic Eye ‘Best of Sabbath’ compilation, our biggest touring year since 2016’s epic ten week tour – and, we’re already halfway through recording our next full length album (aiming for late 2020/early 2021 release!). On top of all that we’ve sold more records and merch than ever before, and our Spotify streams and fans have gone way up thanks to all of you! Needless to say, we’ve been extremely busy and buzzing with excitement over here at CC HQ.

2020 will bring more touring, more music, some festival appearances, more ridiculous Instagram videos, and who knows what else. For the rest of 2019 and first few months of 2020 we’re going to focus on writing new music, tightening up some new and old tunes, and possibly even recording another track or two.

Make sure to check out our as-of-today completely updated press page to find out what people are saying about God How I Envy The Deaf!  A huge thank you to everyone who supported us this year is in order – we love you all!!!

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.

Stefanie, Francis, Andrew, and Jake.