January 07, 2022

Hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and holiday season and are doing your best to ring in a happy and healthy new year.  Given the state of the world *again* we cannot thank you all enough for coming out to see us on both legs of our fall tour this past November and December. A heaping of thanks and blessings to YOU for keeping the live music faith, we are eternally grateful we were able to complete both legs successfully and safely, spirits high and volume up as usual.

We’ve got plenty in store for 2022, including a new record and more shows and touring. Right now, we can only announce one show, but it is in fact a doozy – we’ll be returning to the legendary Maryland Doom Fest in Frederick for the second time on the weekend of June 23rd. If you haven’t been, this is not an event to miss, it’s one of America’s premiere heavy music events. Since we’re local, we never, ever miss it. Tickets go on sale January 15th HERE, check for updates until then HERE and HERE. Lineup speaks for itself and we’re honored to be a part of it.

If you missed us on this most recent tour, we brought out a very challenging set, probably the most intense and complicated we’ve ever done. It was fun rolling the dice every night with the 8 million notes crammed into forty minutes. Part of that was covering “Red” by the mighty King Crimson – Sean Robinson took footage of the entire song in Tampa, which we recently posted HERE. Thanks Sean!

On tour we played two songs from our 2015 album Breaks – “No Sky July” and “Show Some Shame”. “No Sky July” has enjoyed not one but two new lives, with a new four piece arrangement we put together this past summer, and a new three piece arrangement featuring some new and re-imagined guitar parts and solos by Jake, perfected on this past tour. So, if you’re in a Breaks stuff mood, and I assume many of you are, cooped up yet another winter with no shows to attend, why not treat yourself to a copy of Breaks? Vinyl is of course long sold out, but, wait…what’s that? Two new copies were found in a box at CC HQ? That’s right, we have two copies of that purple vinyl, and thems is on bandcamp right now awaitin’ yer purchase. Plenty of CDs available too (CDs and vinyl have different artwork for all you collectors out there!). BUY HERE.

Don’t forget to listen to, and share, and comment upon, and stream, and buy physical copies of, our cover of AC/DC’s “Dog Eat Dog” from the Magnetic Eye Redux Best of AC/DC!

Listen/comment/share HERE
Listen/purchase CD and vinyl HERE

And don’t forget to stream our 2021 live EP EPPPCOT (Experimental Protoprog Psych Punk Concert On Tour), recorded live in Orlando in 2019. All the cassettes are sold out, but the record is free to stream and download!

Finally, we’ll sign off with a question – what do YOU want to see from CC in 2022? Any particular merch you want us to make? A design you want us to bring back? A place you want us to play, a song you want us to bring back from the vaults? Bellow into that great abyss, dearest friends, by emailing us at causticcasanova at gmail dot com, or by sending us a DM on facebook, twitter, or instagram and we shall make conversation! We can’t do this without your support and your input is always valued, appreciated and taken into consideration. We love you all!