October 15, 2021

We’re gearing up for a very special show this very evening, Friday, October 15th, in Frederick, MD. Kind of last minute when we were asked a few weeks ago, honestly – but we couldn’t say no. After we filmed a live music video at Frederick’s historic outdoor music and art space Sky Stage this past summer, we tried in vain to book an autumn show at the most beautiful and sonically pleasing small outdoor venue we’ve been to. Unfortunately, we were told they were booked through 2022. Then, a few weeks ago The Stone Eye from Philadelphia hits us up and tells us they’re playing Sky Stage for their album release show, and they’ve got Frederick heavies Marshal Fuzz on board, and it’s Marshal Fuzz guitarist/vocalist Sulaiman’s birthday, and they’d like us to play? Hell yes, we will play. We would not say no to Sky Stage.

That music video for “Filth Castle” is going to be out next week, by the way. And we’ll be playing Sky Stage in the twilight TONIGHT in Frederick, MD. We go on first, at 7, photography strongly recommended, this will look cool as hell! It’s $10 and more than worth it just to experience Sky Stage if you haven’t been. They have booze for those over 21, just in case you were wondering, and there are indeed bathrooms on the premises.

Check out our new live EP EPPPCOT to get yourself pumped up for this lil evenin’ o’ rockin’!
RSVP HERE at the facebook event page if you’re into that kind of thing.

Doors 6:30, CC goes on first at 7 PM sharp, don’t be late! $10, all ages, kids under 12 free! Beer and wine is there for those of age!

See you at Sky Stage!