ANNOUNCING: EPPPCOT (Experimental Protoprog Psych Punk Concert On Tour)

September 09, 2021
New release announcement! Pre-orders are now up for EPPPCOT (Experimental Protoprog Psych Punk Concert On Tour). This is a live EP. Pre-orders will ship out September 29th.
On November 18th, 2019, Caustic Casanova played at about 1 am at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL on a Monday night. The band was on close to 24 hours of no sleep. Stefanie had experienced a personal family tragedy in the past day. It was a rough night, but we endured. This is a document of that.
There are two sides to touring, and they are beautifully captured on a cassette release that will feature EPPPCOT – Experimental Prototype Psych Punk Concert On Tour (named lovingly after an Orlando landmark) on one side, and Lïve Läugh Löve Malört (named lovingly after a Chicagoland alcohol benchmark) on the other. In Chicago, in 2018, we played on a Saturday night to a packed house of drunk metalheads. In Orlando in 2019, we played on a Monday night, nearly hallucinating from lack of sleep, to the few people who dared to stick around into the early morning hours. We rocked both nights with everything we had. The 2018 Chicago gig featured the classic Yonki-Zaenker-Beringer lineup, and the Orlando 2019 show featured the (at the time) very new Kimberley-Zaenker-Beringer lineup, yet another way these two shows exemplify two sides of the live CC experience. Hopefully the next live CC set can show off the four piece lineup in all its glory.
EPPPCOT was recorded live by Kevin Tuck at Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL on November 18, 2019, and was mixed by Kevin Tuck. It was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. Artwork by Selena Benally.
And as for the cassettes themselves? This will be possibly the most unique piece of CC merchandise you will ever own! Ultra limited edition, 30 cassettes, personally dubbed by guitarist Jake Kimberley, with handmade art! Each piece with have unique artwork – no two will be alike!
In addition, this cassette will have the ENTIRE EPPPCOT live show from November 18, 2019 in Orlando, FL, including two tracks not appearing on bandcamp. PLUS the entire Lïve Läugh Löve Malört Live in Chicago recording, plus two never before heard ultra CC rarities that are not available ANYWHERE else. This will be the rarest of the rare CC merch.
A handwritten note will accompany your purchase, explaining the contents within. Your choice – purple tint or translucent pink cassettes. ONLY 30 WILL BE MADE! EPPPCOT koozies and stickers are available, as well as a pre-order bundle which features the Black Metal Mana-tee shirt created by legendary comic and heavy metal artist David Paul Seymour. Listen to the one track we have up now – a Boxed and Crated / Show Some Shame medley – and remember to PRE ORDER HERE.