September 07, 2021

Hey there, it’s the latest CC newsletter – published here on the CC blog, as promised.

Have you seen our new music video for “Memory King” yet? If you haven’t, please, we’d love for you to watch it HERE! If you have seen it, and enjoy it (as we do), would you be so kind as to share it on whatever social media you prefer, or email it, or just tell a friend about it? And if you’re in the youtube commenting game, please leave us a comment! Releasing a video close to two years after a record comes out isn’t ideal for coverage or publicity, but we believe in this little cartoon dystopian avian universe so much, and we love our longtime artist Jase Harper so much, so we’d love to get as many eyes and ears on this thing as possible. Help us spread the word and get to 1000 views and 50 comments this week!

JJ Koczan at The Obelisk was kind enough to do this write-up on our video! A much too kind key passage is below:

You ever see Caustic Casanova? It’s kind of hard to convey how much their material manages to be theirs while ultimately staying in familiar terrain. As a group, they have a presence that’s not quite like anybody else making heavy rock, and they’ve done it well enough and long enough at this point that they just get on stage, deliver, and are done. In a way, it’s no-frills, almost punk rock, and then they might sludge out and embarrass any number of surrounding acts stacking speaker cabinets for a showcase of tone-worship. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch them a couple times now. All they do is impress.

What a nice thing to say! In a scene crowded with over-the-top talent, to be recognized in any way for our live shows is always a blessing. And JJ is not just a guy with a blog, he’s more a scion-philosopher scene king of stoner rock, the professor of logic at the University of Science for the study of riffs and fuzz, if you will. His word is bond, and you’re in the doghouse with us if you say otherwise. So we must be doing something right!

Live dates soon, folks! Stay tuned!

Thanks again for reading and listening – your support means so much to us! Spread the word about the “Memory King” video please!