Caustic Casanova Signs Record Deal, Fall Tour Starts Tomorrow

September 30, 2014

Let’s get straight to all the joyous news we have to share with everyone. First, Caustic Casanova is proud as hell to announce that we have signed to Retro Futurist Records. The label is owned and operated by the principal members of Kylesa, one of our collective favorite bands and an important musical influence on all of us. We could not be more excited to join this musical family, which features other great bands, including Lazer/Wulf, Wet Socks, Sierra and many more. Our debut Retro Futurist album will be released in late spring 2015 on both CD and vinyl. We’ve finished about 95% of the work recording the album, which we did once again with J. Robbins at Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. All that’s left is a few songs to sing, followed by mixing and mastering. We’ll keep you updated through the fall and winter on how that progresses.

Second, Caustic Casanova’s second national tour begins tomorrow in Wyandotte, MI at The Rockery and concludes on October 18th in St. Petersburg, FL at the Don’t Stop St. Petersburg Fest

The full list of dates is below. We hope to see you at the shows if you live in or near these cities!

Oct 1 – Wyandotte, MI at The Rockery

Oct 2 – Canton, OH at Buzzbin

Oct 3 – Muncie, IN at Be Here Now

Oct 4 – Peoria, IL at The Rail II

Oct 5 – Chicago, IL at Grandbar

Oct 7 – Nashville, TN at Daisy Duke’s

Oct 8 – Savannah, GA at The Hangfire

Oct 9 – Atlanta, GA at Star Community Bar

Oct 10 – Lexington, KY at The Green Lantern

Oct 11 – Greenville, SC at WPBR Radio Room

Oct 12 – Wilmington, NC at Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern

Oct 13 – Charleston, SC at 55 Hanover St. (House Show)

Oct 14 – Pensacola, FL at Handlebar

Oct 16 – Orlando, FL at Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall

Oct 18 – St. Petersburg, FL at Don’t Stop St. Petersburg Fest

The most up to date information on these gigs will be in the SHOWS section.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that in July we released Pantheon: Volume 1, the first in a series of 7 inch records that we plan on releasing once or twice a year for the foreseeable future. Each entry in the Pantheon Series will feature an orignal song on one side, a cover on the other, and artwork paying tribute to the artist being covered. Volume 1 features a re-recording of the CC classic “Glossolalia” and a cover of the Pentagram anthem “Forever My Queen.” This is Andrew Yonki’s first recording with Caustic Casanova and he lends his inimitable guitar stylings quite nicely to both songs, making them entirely his own. We think you’ll enjoy these two tracks a lot. We will be hawking this wonderful piece of grooved gramophone plastic on our upcoming tour for $5. Pantheon: Volume 1 was included as a part of the Retro Futurist Subscription Series this summer as an unannounced bonus for subscribers, and we have the rest of the copies, which now number fewer than 100. We’ll leave a few behind at CC headquarters in case you want to order one while we’re on the road. You can stream/buy Pantheon; Volume 1 in both physical and digital formats HERE.

This is the most exciting time in the history of this band that has had so many ups and downs, and we’re looking forward very much to what lies ahead for us, and for you our loyal fans and supporters. Thanks so much for making all of this possible for us. See you on the road this October, starting TOMORROW. Oh, and, if you’d like to witness an entire Caustic Casanova set for yourself to get pumped up for the tour, our recent show in Frederick, MD was filmed in its entirety by Ron McGinnis of the great Admiral Browning. Sit back and watch HERE.