a letter to all in the CC community

January 17, 2014

Hello CC Fans, Family and Friends,

This is Francis writing this message, but it’s from all of us here at CC headquarters. We have some unfortunate news to share, and I’ll attempt not to write an excessively dramatic novella here. A few days before Christmas, our drummer and my dear friend Stefanie was involved in a very serious accident. She has severe damage to both arms and wrists, as well as her tailbone. She has undergone two surgeries thus far and is recovering at home with her parents in Charlottesville, where she will remain for some time. After much physical therapy and taking time to heal, she will return. Of that she is confident, and Andrew and I are inspired by her enthusiasm. Needless to say, you won’t be hearing a ton from us that isn’t a health update from Stefanie for quite a while. I know this is disappointing to many of you, and believe me, it’s even more disappointing for us. But there is much to be thankful for. Stefanie escaped the ordeal with her life and without suffering something more serious like paralysis. After a very hectic conclusion to the year involving a lot of hospital visits (and in Stefanie’s case, hospital stays) and sleepless nights, we are most thankful that 2013 is over.

We never announced it officially, but (as some of you now surely know) we had already planned and booked an entire winter tour throughout the southeast and down into Florida, which we have had to cancel. We will, however, look to re-book the entire tour at some point down the road. And, while our return to the studio to finish the album we started in December at the Magpie Cage with J. Robbins will have to be significantly delayed, we should have a special smaller release prepared by the time we play our next show. It’ll be a little something to tide all you die-hard CC fans over until the release of our next record.

This isn’t the way the CC was hoping to explode into the New Year, but it could be a lot worse. Personally, I’m thankful that Stefanie is on the path to recovery. I will continue to live and breathe Caustic Casanova, and I will continue to write music and prepare enthusiastically for the return of the CC to the stage and studio. All of us would like to thank all the bands, bookers and venues we’ve had to cancel on for their understanding and well-wishes. We also want to thank everyone who’s known about this unfortunate occurrence for their kind words and support. We will be back. Until then, thanks for caring, thanks for listening, thanks for rocking.