A Lengthy Lapse and A Pithy Post of Notable News

June 25, 2013

Ladies and gents, it’s been far too long since this site has been updated, and for that we apologize most heartily to you, CC Nation. Because there is so much news to report, it seems the only way to proclaim it is to do so with as much brevity as possible. In February, Caustic Casanova officially welcomed the brilliant Andrew Yonki to its ranks as guitar player. The band has been performing critically acclaimed shows as the “Mark II” trio – Francis Beringer, Stefanie Zaenker, and Andrew Yonki. Most of the material being performed is new. More and more new Caustic Casanova music awaits the world in the coming months. And finally, after playing at JR’s in Philadelphia on July 5 and headlining the Rock and Roll Hotel at home in DC on July 6, Caustic Casanova will be venturing out on the road for the biggest and best CC tour yet. From North Carolina to Seattle and all points between, Caustic Casanova will rock around the nation this July and August. Tour dates and all current relevant information for those dates are in the Shows section. More posts and more news to come, including any and all tour changes or updates.