Special One Time Only Caustic Casanova Lite Show

October 03, 2012

Hello brothers and sisters of the heavy rock cloth!

Caustic Casanova will be appearing at Ghion Ethiopian Restaurant on Friday, October 5th in Washington, DC at midnight as part of the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Music Festival.

This will be a very special, possibly one time only opportunity to see CC Lite, a two piece bass and drum incarnation of the band featuring Francis Beringer and Stefanie Zaenker of the CC performing almost exclusively new and never before heard material.

The Friday evening showcase at Ghion starts at 8 PM and will have bands playing until 1:30 AM. Other bands playing include G.U.T.S., Glitterlust, Get a Tan, and Shat Shorts. CC Lite will go on promptly at 12:10 and play a 30 minute set.

Check the “shows” tab for more information. Don’t miss this very rare Caustic Casanova Lite experience.